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Bigs & Littles... we match them up.

Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. After you pass the initial evaluation, we ensure whether it's a first Daycare experience, or they’re seasoned regulars, their well being is central to everything we do. With several play yards and rest areas, our goal is to make sure everyone has fun and gets their wiggles out before pick-up time.

We require your dog to be at least 5 months old, up to date on their vaccines (we require rabies, dhpp, and bordetella), and to be spayed or neutered. We require your dog to be fixed due to the fact that an intact dog is more likely to mount and assert dominance to other dogs, which can lead to conflicts and scuffles.


  • Clients who are on our permanent weekly rotation ,coming a minimum of one day per week, AND who purchase any size daycare package will receive HALF-OFF Regular Price for one full-service bath (per dog) each month that you meet these criteria!

  • Conviently book your full-service grooming or full-service bath appointment the same day you schedule your pup for a playdate in daycare!

Full Day 1 Dog

up to 10.5 hrs 7:30am-6pm

$35 per day

4 Day Pass - $120 ($30.00/ per day)

8 Day Pass - $230 ($28.75/ per day)

12 Day Pass - $335 ($27.92/ per day) BEST VALUE!

Full Day 2 Dogs

1 Day - $60

4 Day Pass (8 Passes) - $180 ($22.50/per dog/per day)

8 Day Pass (16 Passes) - $340 ($21.50/per dog/per day)

12 Day Pass (24 Passes) - $490 ($20.41/per dog/ per day) BEST VALUE!

Half Day One Dog

Up to 5 hours per day

$25 per day

4 Half Day Passes - $75 ($18.75/ per day) 

8 Half Day Passes - $135 ($16.85/ per day)

12 Half Day Passes - $190 ($15.83/ per day)

Half Day Two Dogs

$45 per day

4 Half Day Passes (8 Passes) $150 ($18.75/ per dog/ per day)

8 Half Day Passes (16 Passes) - $270 ($16.87/ per dog/ per day)

12 Half Day Passes (24 Passes) - $380 ($15.83/ per dog/ per day)

MANDATORY / Evaluation Day

This session allows us to see how your dog will respond and helps us ensure the compatibility and safety of all furry guests. Please call us or email the facility at to discuss setting up an evaluation for your pup.

$25 per dog: 2-3 hr period 

drop off no earlier than 9am unless prior arrangements are made

Pick-up no later than 6 pm unless prior arrangements are made

If you would like to book a package you can text us at: 1-540-732-7807 or email and we can send you an email or text paylink! You may also pay in person.


In order to better prepare you for your meet and greet doggy evaluation, we have prepared a study guide to go over prior to booking an evaluation. We cannot train these criteria out of/into your pet with doggy daycare and boarding.

  • GOOD AROUND ALL SIZED DOGS - Your dog will need to be good around dogs of all sizes and be able to respect each others space. Big and small dogs may be around each other during boarding and in some other instances.

  • MARKING - If your dog marks excessively we will have to fail them during their evaluation as we maintain a clean facility.

  • ATTACKING - DO NOT use doggy daycare as a means to train out attacking behavior in your dog.

  • NON FAMILAR DOGS - Your dog must be tolerant, well behaved, and NOT reactive to unfamiliar dogs. Other dogs in the same family do not count as these are familiar dogs. Unfamiliar dogs include dogs met on walks, in the pet store, at dog parks, etc.

  • MEDICALLY FIT - If your dog has orthopedic issues, a heart condition, bursting warts, or a disease where they cannot get scratched, they are not suited for daycare.

  • ESCAPE ARTIST - While we are a fully fenced and secured facility, if your dog is a known escape artist who has escaped through gates or jumped fences we will be unable to accept them into daycare.

  • CAN BE HANDLED - If your dog does not have experience with unfamiliar people, please do not sign up for an evaluation, for safety reasons we will have to be able to safely handle your pet.

  • DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR - If your dog has an excessive chewing behavior on items they should not chew on, such as gates, furniture, etc., we will be unable to accept your dog.

These criteria must be met in order for your dog to be accepted into daycare and/or overnight boarding. Thank you for taking the time to review this study guide!

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